About the project

The project “Samgori House ” is implemented with Estonian-Georgian investment, without a bank loan.

A new residential district is being built in Samgori, at Moscow Avenue #13.

17 residential houses will be built on 3.3 hectares. Construction of the first 9 houses is completed. Now we have ongoing construction of House #8, House #9 and House #10. The construction works are carried out by the company “GRID Construction”, in compliance with all construction norms and standards.

The residential complex will be fully equipped with multifunctional district infrastructure;

The complex, along with the residential area, includes sports and recreational infrastructure. Each house will be equipped with a fire protection system. 8300 sq.m. recreational area.

The main advantages of the location of the complex:

• Complex is located near to the city center (12-minute drive to freedom square)

• 400 meters from Samgori metro station

• Proximity to the main transport lines of the city

• Relatively free movement from traffic jams

• Better ecological condition in this part of the city – fewer emissions

• Developed infrastructure

Time required to reach the destination by transportation:

• To Freedom Square – 12 minutes

• To Metro Varketili – 10 minutes

• To Isani metro – 6 minutes

• To Navtlugi bus station – 2 minutes

• To Kakheti Highway – 3 minutes

Select the apartment of the desired area for you and join our district #withusisthebest

The minimum area is 47 sq.m. The flats are finished in incopmlete white frame condition.

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